This is for y’all who like some salad. I know i love salad. So this is for us!
With salad you create it to fit the wine you’d like or create a salad based strictly on the wine you purchase.
lets get started!

Green leafy salads pair well with green wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, which has a very bold and herbal flavor. a lighter green note is Pinot grigio.

high acid salad ingredients (goat cheese, tomatoes, citrus fruits) pair best with high acid wines like Sauvignon blanc, Riesling, sparkling wines, and champagne

salty and pungent ingredients pair well with very fruity and sweet wines to balance the saltines. with a classic Caesar salad the best choice would be a Washington state Riesling.

Wine compatibility of any salad can be improved by adding or increasing protein (meat, seafood, eggs and cheese there fore a cob salad, with roast chicken, bacon, eggs, and blue cheese) works with many wines, especially the fruity ones with low tannin range, like Beaujolais


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