Hylander 4 kids (and adults), for colds n cough (safe and effective)

So I use this cough medicine (as an adult) for my periodic colds and it works great. It works best if used at night, right before bed. it aids in chest congestion, sleeplessness, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, and coughing. I purchase it at the local cvs pharmacy but it should also be at other drug stores such as rite aide, wal greens, or walmart.

This product is safe and effective, made with natural ingredients, free of artificial ingredients, free of artificial colors and flavors, free of stimulant side effects. The taste is great too. My nose was stuffy and runny so i used tissue to stop my nose up, however when it comes time to take my medicine, I’ll take my plug- ins out and blow my nose just to taste the flavor of the hylander syrup.

It is a clear, light, and semi-sweet product. it doesn’t have a heavy syrup taste to it at all. and you can also take this product as needed when most cough syrups are to be taken every four hours or so. It cost 9.73. It’s kind of expensive but the results are promising. It has less than 0.01 alcohol in it.

My cold was pretty bad, so i decided, based on the information of how safe and effective it is, to take it within one and two hours apart. with this cough medicine and sleep i healed within two days. so next time you or your child is sick, check out Hylander 4 kids





plantains are good for…

Have you ever went into the grocery store and looked at those big looking bananas and wonder what are they? what are they good for? how do they taste?

Well they are like bananas, bu they are plantains and are native to India and are grown in mostly tropical climates. They are good for:

  1. high blood pressure
  2. the leaves of the plantain can be used for bites and overall healing of the skin
  3. heart trouble


They contain a high amount of potassium as well and can be made into a smoothie. Mix low fat milk, a plantain, rice, (optional) and cinnamon. and you’ll have made a very pleasant smelling, tasting drink.